TPP - Tri Phenyl Phosphate
Flame Retardant for PPE/PPO, PS, PC, PC/ABS Provides a high effectively and economics


Heat Stabilizer and Acid Scavenger for POM


ZB-XF - Extra Fine Zinc Borate
1.8 micron Zinc Borate powder. Used as a flame retardant synergist to replace Antimony Trioxide


Mold release for PP, PE, PS designed to reduce part sticking and improve cycle time. Provided in a 100% active bead form which can be added at the press.

1,3,5 Trichlorobenzene
Used as an intermediat and as a trifunctional monomer in high temperature polymers

Para Dichlorobenzene

Ortho Dichlorobenzene

Mono chlorobenzene

DCDPS 4,4 Dichloro Diphenyl Sulfone

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