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ProPolymers is the most convenient and cost effective supplier of high temperature resins.
About us

ProPolymers compounds and distributes high temperature thermoplastic resins. We are located near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our facility is state of the art utilizing twin screw compounding equipment specifically designed for the unique processing, pelletizing and drying needs of high temp resins.

We have a complete laboratory capable of performing:

  • Mechanical testing
  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Flame resistance testing
  • Color matching
  • Quickly providing test plaques for customer tests

ProPolymers mission is:

  • To be the best supplier of high temperature engineering resins.
  • To provide cost savings to our customers.
  • To offer a complete selection of high temperature resins.
  • To offer extensive and relevant technical data on high temp resins that is not biased by our product offering.
  • To carry an extensive stock of grades to provide short lead times and good pricing to small volume customers.


Our Advantage

Most resin producers offer design assistance and data. The advantage to working with us is we are not limited to a specific polymer so we tell you the good and bad attributes of each resin. Our data is better benchmarked than our competitors.

Unlike other specialty compounders we have a lower overhead and higher commercialization rate that allows us to sell at a lower price. Also we do not try to sell custom grades to applications that don't need them.

We can quickly provide samples and test specimens in multiple resins to make the development process go quicker and easier.

For these reasons many OEM's and molders use our expertise from the beginning of a project that will see exposure to elevated temperatures.

We welcome you to contact us if you would like to learn more.


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