PPS - Polyphenylene Sulfide
Durability - 500F HDT- Best long term heat resistance - Excellent Flow- Can be reinforced up to 70% - Good chemical resistance


PEI - Polyetherimide
390-410F HDT -Amorphous - Good Gloss - Good impact resistance - Steam sterilizeable - Tensile Strength -


PPA - Polyphthalamide
560F HDT - Best short term heat resistance - Durability - High stiffness and strength - Good price performance ratio for metal replacement - Good oil resistance, poor acid and base resistance


PPO/PPE -Polyphenyle ether
345F HDT - Easy to process - Good Dimensional Stability - Good Acid and Base resistance, poor oil resistance.


PSU - Polysulphone
345F HDT - -amorphous - Durability - Steam Sterilizeable - Corrosion, Water and Chemical Resistance


Liquid Crystal Polymer
Combines excellent flow with low shrinkage and no flash - Can produce small intricate parts with varying wall thickness


400-420F HDT - Economical, general purpose materials,


PA 4,6
High flow and great toughness - Great wear resistance - high water absorption

Polymer Additives

Mold release additives - Heat Stabilizers - Flame Retardents

Custom compounds

We can taylor any of these polymers to suit you application including:

  • Custom colors
  • PTFE and anti wear additives
  • Specialized reinforcements
  • Flame retardants


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